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We do all Pool & spa repairs in Bakersfield 

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 To protect your family from  Viruses  let Grace's Pool & Spa Professional Maintenance in Bakersfield ,We will stop the algae that can grow quickly and become a problem for your pool or spa and too often it's not easy to see or recognize algae it is a bacteria that can infect your family with viruses that can cause skin ,ear ,and eye infections and  irritations ,that is a large reason it's good to keep your pool and spa filter on and the water circulating  during the day for seven to eight hours every day to keep them free from all bacteria and viruses that can grow in your pool  ,Give Us a Call We will take care of your  pool and spa to make sure that they  are clean and clear  you will see that your pool is sparkling like A Diamond so every time you look at your Pool or Spa you will want to jump in to relax let us do all work for you  as we have helped so many of our Customers to enjoy their pool and spa 



CALL US ,  We do all the work and repairs on spa's and pools

we have over twenty years of experience working with Pool and Spa chemistry in balancing all the chemicals in your Pool or  Spa. We  will make your Pool or Spa sparkle  Like A Diamond ,As we have made our Customers very happy with their Pools and Spa's that we have , Created a sparkling Oasis  Let us do that for you

Grace's Pool & Spa is the  Professional Maintenance and Repair of Bakersfield ,Gave us a call , if no answer we could be with another customer , Please leave amessage,    We return all phone calls the, same day  or send us a email info@gracespoolandspas.com


  Chemicals are included with all of our services and we always net and brush your pool or spa we know how to keep your clean with over twenty years of experience, our technicians care about your pool it is all our deep understanding of knowing how to care for pools , at Graces Pool and Spa we stay up to date all of the newest new technology for your pool or spa To help you save.

  Now  ask yourself does my pool look good how many years has it been since my pool was drained ,a pool should be drain every three years to keep it from having calcium growing on the walls and at the bottom of your pool ,every spring you clean the outside and inside of your home to beautify your home ,how much more is it important to clean up your pool or spa too make your pool sparkle  like a diamond  

 We are always ready to take care  for your pool or spa ,Give us A Call let us let  do the work of making your  Pool and Spa  Sparkle and you can just relax ,

  You can be sure that we will take care of your pool every week Because we care about your pool or spa in ground or above ground We care for all of our customers Pool and Spas  


we do acid and chlorine washes grace's Pools and spas professional maintenance of bakersfield

Grace's Pool and Spa PROFESSIONAL maintenance