We install pumps, Heaters, and  Sand Filters that will remove all pathogenic Bacteria and other viruses that are always going into the pool any time we have a breeze that comes up and the Sand Filter will remove the  bacteria and than the sand filter can be cleaned and rinsed free from all that viruses and dirt  and bacteria in just  a few minutes to keep your Pool Or Spa Crystal clear with no worries Not with the other filters as the D.E. Filter and the Cartridge filters that could breed many harmful viruses, a question you can ask yourself do you want your family swimming in all of that with those kinds filters that in two days after they are cleaned the Bacteria is back growing in your filter to breed and grow in the filter with all that bacteria and viruses goes back to the pool as with the D.E. or Cartridge filters and to clean those filters there is a lot of water wasted  to clean them it may take one hour to two hours to clean and in two days you will need to do it again and that is not good for our environment. and  that's  a lot of water wasted give us call to talk about a sand filter ,a better way for our environment and better for your wallet , Call us 


To contact us ,you can call us at  (661 ) 364-9545    Or you can email us at   info@gracespoolandspa.com ,when you leave your email  ,You will be notified by email about all of our discounts that we have for you.

 Because we do keep very close contact with all of the pool and spa manufactures  To give you the discounts our customer so when manufacture gives a discount on their products you will be notified by email of all discounts  

Maybe you are looking for a filter to be replaced or your pump just browse our web page and leave your email , All of our Technicians are ready to answer any of your questions they are knowledgeable and professional ,they can help you with any of your pool questions.

Attn: We have talked with the manufactures of Hayward products they have authorized us  

 We are authorized to give a four year warranty with all new pumps  that we install that is the Longest warranty ever heard of never before, that is a break though for Pool and Spa equipment ,Call us to find out about your pool or spa 

Grace's Pool and Spa                                 has been here over twenty years 

For our customers and we will be here to help our customers also we are always be working to give you the customer the  lowest Prices on all parts and Labor and Service's, Because we always Taylor our service's to your needs and we will always strive to give you the lowest prices on all parts and labor and Service's 

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