Grace's Pool and Spa is always  working  for you the customer with all of the Pool and Spaequipment  manufacturers  to give you the customer the lowest prices on parts and labor andon all Pool and Spa equipment ,Give us a call , Grace's Pool and Spa Professional Maintenance Repair how can we make your Pool a sparkling oasis 

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Click Here; to see all of the wonderful new  Filters & Pumps ,Pool Cleaners ,Zodiac  Has andGrace's Pool & Spa, We will always to give you the lowest  possible Prices on all Pool equipment and repairs, let us add  your new  energy efficient equipment to the pool so you Will  save over $500.00 a month        ,Let us give your Pool that Zodiac touch.   

We would like to let all our customers know ,With all of the bacteria that have here with so many dairies with millions of cows and that will  promote pathogenic bacteria around Bakersfield just thinking that makes it very important for us to think to keep our families safe with our pools that helps us understand that is a good reason to have our pools circulating during the day to keep all the pathogenic bacteria out of our pool and in Our filter  because during the day is when wind blows or we have a slight breeze that will bring that pathogenic bacteria right  in our pool and we have a we have found that's when our pool or spa is not circulating we have seen the bacteria grow at a tremendous rate out of control and that is when some pools have to be drained  ,and you may think does that get all of the bacteria ,so we should always just have our pool run 8- 7 hours during the day , with all that Grace's Pool & Spa we can help you with your electric we can install a new cost saving Pump that will save you over $500.00 a month , with a (four year) 4 warranty The First for Pool & Spa equipment We have it here at Grace's Pool & Spa ,Call Us 

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