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Professional Pool Service and repair for Bakersfield, CA

If you want to enjoy your pool, you’ll need to keep it in great condition in terms of both repairs and cleanliness. Swimming in a dirty or unrepaired pool isn’t healthy or safe, and swimming in a pool that doesn’t work well isn’t much fun.

For phenomenal pool service that comes without the hard work of maintaining your pool yourself, call Grace’s Pool and Spa. Our wide range of services and extensive experience make us the expert you need to make your pool the crown jewel of your home in the Bakersfield, CA, area.

The Full Range

Your pool need never be uncomfortable, unsafe, or unattractive. We provide a full range of services, including all maintenance, repairs, and cleaning for your pool. We can even repair motors and heaters or replace the tile in your pool. Finally, we sell portable spas so you can have all the luxury and wellness resources you want at your disposal. You’ll be able to relax and work out without worry.

The Highest Standards

Grace’s Pool and Spa has decades of experience in pool service,including experience with high-profile clients in Beverly Hills. We’ve worked with celebrities like Bon Jovi, Sally Fields, and Ronald Reagan, just to name a few.

We clean pools for special events such as anniversaries, graduation parties, and birthday parties so that your guests receive the star treatment. We deliver nothing but the best. We can even perform after-hours cleaning when necessary.

Our services will meet your standards for excellence and allow you to relax. Your pool will be clean and in good repair, and your wallet won’t be devastated—our prices are affordable.

We’re here for our customers. Hire Grace’s Pool and Spa as your pool service to get quality treatment. To reach us, call (661) 364-9545 or email us at

            One Way to Stop Summer colds   

just a note ,to all Pool owners ,have you ever  wondered 

sometimes during the summer you may get a cold like condition and you did not  know the reason , especially after you get out of your Pool the next day you start coming down with a cold like condition  ,and you think  

   you know that your Pool pump is circulating keeping your Pool clean 

But, is it really  ,if it runs less than eight hours during the day ,that is what is needed to circulate and remove all of the Pathogenic Bacteria  and Viruses and stop algae  that are found in the dairy fertilizers that end up in all of our Pools here that 

will give anyone that swims a sore throat ,stuffy nose , and you might think What else might  I get from all those Pathogenic Bacteria and Viruses ,Let's Play safe and run our Pool Pump 8 Hours during the day

let's protect our family so they don't get a summer cold and any other Virus or Bacteria  from our Pool that they come in contact with  

One more reason Pools need to circulate during the day Chemicals 

are Two X times heavier than water so with out the Pool water moving 

the chemicals in your Pool are at the bottom sitting do nothing and the pathogenic bacteria is growing and the algae is growing causing problems  

 you may think if you have problems you could just go down to the local 

Pool store to ask for something to fix your problem ,but what to ask for and how much will it cost  , Stop all your worry, Call Us  ,We Are Always Here to Help You.                                                            Service with You in Mind 

​​​​​We are so  excited​ ​​​​​

We, now accept all major credit cards  and American express 

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